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Historical Document Services
Published on: 2/9/2014
Historical Document Services
Welcome to the Chevrolet Historical Document Services.

With permission granted by the General Motors Heritage Center, the National Corvette Restorers Society is pleased to announce that it can now offer certain information contained in 1965 through 1972 (with some limited data) Camaro, Chevelle and Nova Month Car Shipped Reports.

A Chevrolet Camaro, Chevelle or Nova Shipping Data Report can be ordered by any one.

Shipping Data Report Service
The information consists of the dealer code, dealer name, dealer address and the date the car was produced. The good news is this should allow you to find the original dealer where your Chevrolet Camaro, Chevelle or Nova was sold and possibly open the door to finding more information about your Chevrolet. A letter containing the information you request will be mailed to your address listed on this order. The cost for this service will be $50.00 USD. Pay by Credit Card or PayPa
65-72 paint charts
Published on: 12/25/2007
65-72 Paint charts are in the Documents section. These are in Adobe Acrobat ( PDF ) .
Carolina Chevelle Association static cling decals
Published on: 12/4/2006
The static cling decals are here and available for members. The member will be given 1 decal each and any additional decals will cost $1.00 each.